We wrote many of them and every time we are pleased to discover all the secrets of a new product.


Use and maintenance manuals contain the guidelines to proper use of the product together with all the necessary warnings, pictures or drawings of the machine and its parts. They also describe the installation, operation and maintenance steps.

If the machines are destined to non-professional users, we write the manual considering general technical knowledge and the users’ capacity of understanding specific notions.

Certainly, you too happened to buy a product accompanied with an unclear manual. As a result, you found it difficult to understand how to use the product, made improvised attempts, and in the end called the manufacturer to complain that the machine did not work as it should.

Our mission is to make the customer experience as easy as possible and facilitate the understanding of the manual by means of clear texts and explanatory figures. By clear texts, we also mean accurate translations to make the manual understood in all the languages wherever the product is sold. We do not rely on Google Translator to avoid questionable translations (how many times you did not understand the instructions because of a poor translation!)

Maybe, this is the reason why manuals that come with household appliances, cars, machine-tools, etc.  are often ignored or underrated.

Sometimes someone asks me: “What’s your job?” “I’m a technical editor of use and maintenance manuals” “Oh yes! Those that nobody reads because you do not understand a thing!

NO! Probably, many well-authored manuals were very poorly translated from the manufacturer’s language and proved a complete failure. To avoid this to happen, it is important that the notions are well written and the graphic look is pleasant and easy to understand. It is also very important to entrust the job to professional translators who use the correct terminology.

To better know our job, visit our Technical Publishing page!

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