Bianconero may clearly refer to the colours of the Juventus soccer team, but not here. Indeed, it is the commonest publishing font to format and develop texts and exercise books for young people with special educational needs (SEN) or specific learning difficulties (SLD).

What does these words mean?

BES: (Bisogni educativi speciali – ITA) Special educational needs include different types of situations, such as cultural and language differences or learning difficulties.

DSA: (Disturbi specifici dell’apprendimento – ITA) Special learning difficulties can be slight, moderate or severe.

They are:

  • dyscalculia;
  • dyslexia;
  • dysorthography;
  • dysgraphia.


It often happens that a boy or a girl need tailor-made didactics, with the application of highly specific methods or methods alternative to usual ones. Just think, for example, to a child just arrived from another country who does not speak our language or to a mobility impaired teen-ager.

Exactly in these cases the BIANCONERO font comes to rescue.

Thanks to the efforts of team of experts in cognitive and learning troubles, the graphic designer Umberto Mischi devised a unique and important font. One of the font’s main features is the diversification of the single letters to prevent confusion of one another. This mainly regards mirroring letters, such as bd, pq, and a-e. The letters that normally seem too similar, like l vs I or m vs n, have been differentiated.

To improve readability of small size characters (below 8 points), the height of capital letters is the same as in ascenders. Also, the difference between ascenders and descenders relative to the character baseline is enhanced. For greater clarity, changes were made to some letters, such as M, W, P, and R, for example more white space inside W and junction separation in P.

This font is slightly wider than common text fonts and the distance between the words was increased proportionally.

Also persons with SEN and SLD can now enjoy a good book. Reading skills are not easily learnt by all, but with BIANCONERO nothing is impossible! Therefore, never give up READING!

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